How do I know that the system you recommend is the best choice?

Stryker Electric & Air has been working with commercial and residential properties throughout Florida since 1975. Our recommended systems are backed by our years of experience working with many brands across the entire spectrum of build quality and reliability.

Why does my air conditioner leak?

Your AC unit can be leaking for one of a number of reasons:

  • A clogged drainage pipe or a ruptured seal on from the condensate drain line of your air conditioner may be at fault. When this happens, condensed water does not run off the way it should and the result can be costly water damage to nearby walls and fixtures.
  • In addition to a clogged condensate pipe, another culprit can be the condensate pump, which is used to force accumulated water out of the system through a drain line. If this pump goes bad, you can end up with a serious leak on your hands.
  • There are more serious cases, where a leak causes a larger leak. A leak of a large quantity of refrigerant can cause the indoor coils to become iced and in turn, defrost, resulting in a massive flood of the unit and the surroundings.

Remember that Stryker Electric and Air, with its team of certified technicians is ready to keep your units in shape and your property protected from AC mishaps and disasters.

Why should I service my air conditioner?

A regular service is recommended for your AC unit in order to keep your warranty valid. Regularly servicing your unit will not only help keep your atmosphere cool but it also extends the lifetime of your unit and reduces the cost of maintenance. Ensure you service your unit with our team of professionals, at Stryker Electric and Air, and keep your AC running at maximum efficiency.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained by a professional

Depending on the size of your unit(s) and whether you are in need of commercial scale service or residential scale service, the frequency of service sessions throughout a given year will vary.

Stryker Electric and Air, given our years of extensive experience in the field, have noted that mindful property owners and managers prefer to commit a quarterly scheduled service call for residential units and a once per year service call for commercial units.

At Stryker Electric and Air, our certified technicians understand the need for comprehensive air conditioning services, which include inspections, various forms of testing and thorough maintenance of whole air conditioning units, during scheduled visits.

Can my air conditioner provide heating as well as cooling?

Stryker Electric and Air expertly selects Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) can do both, just as the name suggests.

Most modern air conditioning units are also capable of heating and cooling, though dedicated heating and cooling solutions are often-times recommended in most situations for a variety of reasons.

Are air conditioning systems expensive to operate and maintain?

At Stryker Electric and Air, all units provided are energy efficient and will typically only require one/two service calls per year, depending on the size of the unit. Today’s central air systems are highly regulated to perform at different degrees of intensity depending upon the climate and your needs.

Stryker Electric and Air works with the cutting edge in climate control solutions for your home or business to achieve the least cost and highest comfort possible.

Will the system comply with all the Health & Safety regulations?

Any unit we provide at Stryker Electric and Air will comply with Health & Safety Regulations as well as all building code standards that may apply to your area.

Is there a risk of Legionnaires disease?

Risk of Legionnaires disease is typically associated with defective plumbing systems and anywhere that water may be allowed to pool and not drain away immediately.

Stryker Electric and Air installs units that are outfitted with condensate drainage systems that allow buildups of water to drain away so that microbial matter does not get a chance to develop and contaminate the air or the surrounding area. Some air conditioning units can even be upgraded with sophisticated devices that ensure that buildups of condensation get drained away.

How loud are the units you supply?

Stryker Electric and Air works with exceptionally quiet units that will allow even the softest sleepers to have good night’s rest.

Does my unit need an outside condenser box?

Most fitted air conditioning units require this box. Ask our team of experts at Stryker Electric and Air about advanced options that may exist to ensure your unit runs as it should.