What temperature will the unit cool the room down to?

Air conditioning units are designed to cool rooms to desired temperatures, below heated outdoor and ambient temperatures. The units will also serve to regulate humidity levels to improve air quality, for better, healthier and safer breathing.

Keep your unit in tip top form by servicing regularly with our team of experienced technicians at Stryker Electric and AIr.

How much of my home can my air conditioner cool?

Depending on the type of unit involved, the building layout which includes ductwork and vent-work, your unit can be cooling one room or multiple rooms.

Stryker Electric and Air specializes in the installation and service of split units and central air units. This includes all wiring-related tasks and vent maintenance, as well as unit maintenance.

Can I install an air conditioning unit myself?

Installing an Air conditioning unit is not simple, the experts at Stryker Electric and Air just make it seem that way.

Stryker Electric and Air advises that you avoid performing installations yourself, if you do not have the right qualifications or skills.

If you’re not ready for a “DIY installation”, one of our certified technicians here at Stryker Electric and Air will be happy to do it for you.