Why is my air conditioner leaking?

Your AC unit can be leaking for one of a number of reasons:

  • A clogged drainage pipe or a ruptured seal on from the condensate drain line of your air conditioner may be at fault. When this happens, condensed water does not run off the way it should and the result can be costly water damage to nearby walls and fixtures.
  • In addition to a clogged condensate pipe, another culprit can be the condensate pump, which is used to force accumulated water out of the system through a drain line. If this pump goes bad, you can end up with a serious leak on your hands.
  • There are more serious cases, where a leak causes a larger leak. A leak of a large quantity of refrigerant can cause the indoor coils to become iced and in turn, defrost, resulting in a massive flood of the unit and the surroundings.

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