What can I do to lower my electric bill?

The surest and fastest way to reduce your energy costs would be to lower your energy consumption.

But if your demand for power cannot be reduced without major disruptions to your life and your activities, then technological upgrades may be right for you.

Stryker Electric and Air, in our commitment to improving standards in all the industries we serve, fully support the move toward energy saving technologies such as LED lighting, state of the art HVAC units and high quality wiring and electronics.

I want to know more about the logistics of your electrical services—can you come at night or on weekends? Is there a minimum time/cost required?

In short, yes Stryker Electric and Air can come at nights and on weekends, due to our 24/7/365 service provision.

Details relating to time and cost would be communicated to you at the time of your service request.

Can you move my plug to the middle of my wall behind my TV, so I won’t see my cords running down the wall?

Yes, your outlet can be relocated to eliminate all those unsightly cords.

Stryker Electric and Air is equipped, to cut and drill holes as needed, through a variety of materials, so that channels for cables can be laid.

My smoke detector keeps making noise. What is going on?

An irregular, unstable noise coming from your smoke detector could be a sign the equipment is defective.

On the other hand, if you hear a consistent noise this may most likely mean that your battery needs to be changed.