My smoke detector keeps making noise. What is going on?

An irregular, unstable noise coming from your smoke detector could be a sign the equipment is defective.

On the other hand, if you hear a consistent noise this may most likely mean that your battery needs to be changed.

Can my air conditioner provide heating as well as cooling?

Stryker Electric and Air expertly selects Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) can do both, just as the name suggests.

Most modern air conditioning units are also capable of heating and cooling, though dedicated heating and cooling solutions are often-times recommended in most situations for a variety of reasons.

Are air conditioning systems expensive to operate and maintain?

At Stryker Electric and Air, all units provided are energy efficient and will typically only require one/two service calls per year, depending on the size of the unit. Today’s central air systems are highly regulated to perform at different degrees of intensity depending upon the climate and your needs.

Stryker Electric and Air works with the cutting edge in climate control solutions for your home or business to achieve the least cost and highest comfort possible.

Will the system comply with all the Health & Safety regulations?

Any unit we provide at Stryker Electric and Air will comply with Health & Safety Regulations as well as all building code standards that may apply to your area.

Is there a risk of Legionnaires disease?

Risk of Legionnaires disease is typically associated with defective plumbing systems and anywhere that water may be allowed to pool and not drain away immediately.

Stryker Electric and Air installs units that are outfitted with condensate drainage systems that allow buildups of water to drain away so that microbial matter does not get a chance to develop and contaminate the air or the surrounding area. Some air conditioning units can even be upgraded with sophisticated devices that ensure that buildups of condensation get drained away.

How loud are the units you supply?

Stryker Electric and Air works with exceptionally quiet units that will allow even the softest sleepers to have good night’s rest.

Does my unit need an outside condenser box?

Most fitted air conditioning units require this box. Ask our team of experts at Stryker Electric and Air about advanced options that may exist to ensure your unit runs as it should.

What temperature will the unit cool the room down to?

Air conditioning units are designed to cool rooms to desired temperatures, below heated outdoor and ambient temperatures. The units will also serve to regulate humidity levels to improve air quality, for better, healthier and safer breathing.

Keep your unit in tip top form by servicing regularly with our team of experienced technicians at Stryker Electric and AIr.

How much of my home can my air conditioner cool?

Depending on the type of unit involved, the building layout which includes ductwork and vent-work, your unit can be cooling one room or multiple rooms.

Stryker Electric and Air specializes in the installation and service of split units and central air units. This includes all wiring-related tasks and vent maintenance, as well as unit maintenance.

Can I install an air conditioning unit myself?

Installing an Air conditioning unit is not simple, the experts at Stryker Electric and Air just make it seem that way.

Stryker Electric and Air advises that you avoid performing installations yourself, if you do not have the right qualifications or skills.

If you’re not ready for a “DIY installation”, one of our certified technicians here at Stryker Electric and Air will be happy to do it for you.