What if my air conditioner stops working during the weekend?

At Stryker Electric & Air, we understand that when an emergency occurs it usually does not happen during normal business hours.

We are proud to offer to our valued clients, emergency HVAC services, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Do we need any special permissions before we start?

You may need permission from your landlord or building/property manager, if you do not own the property or if you work in a commercial facility.

Stryker Electric and Air advises that you inform your landlord or building/property manager prior to this process to ensure a smooth installation/maintenance process.

Who will supervise and manage my installation?

At Stryker Electric and Air, Our experienced and certified HVAC technicians will take full responsibility for your installation to ensure it is done to a high standard.

How do I know that the system you recommend is the best choice?

Stryker Electric & Air has been working with commercial and residential properties throughout Florida since 1975. Our recommended systems are backed by our years of experience working with many brands across the entire spectrum of build quality and reliability.

Why does my air conditioner leak?

Your AC unit can be leaking for one of a number of reasons:

  • A clogged drainage pipe or a ruptured seal on from the condensate drain line of your air conditioner may be at fault. When this happens, condensed water does not run off the way it should and the result can be costly water damage to nearby walls and fixtures.
  • In addition to a clogged condensate pipe, another culprit can be the condensate pump, which is used to force accumulated water out of the system through a drain line. If this pump goes bad, you can end up with a serious leak on your hands.
  • There are more serious cases, where a leak causes a larger leak. A leak of a large quantity of refrigerant can cause the indoor coils to become iced and in turn, defrost, resulting in a massive flood of the unit and the surroundings.

Remember that Stryker Electric and Air, with its team of certified technicians is ready to keep your units in shape and your property protected from AC mishaps and disasters.

Why should I service my air conditioner?

A regular service is recommended for your AC unit in order to keep your warranty valid. Regularly servicing your unit will not only help keep your atmosphere cool but it also extends the lifetime of your unit and reduces the cost of maintenance. Ensure you service your unit with our team of professionals, at Stryker Electric and Air, and keep your AC running at maximum efficiency.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained by a professional

Depending on the size of your unit(s) and whether you are in need of commercial scale service or residential scale service, the frequency of service sessions throughout a given year will vary.

Stryker Electric and Air, given our years of extensive experience in the field, have noted that mindful property owners and managers prefer to commit a quarterly scheduled service call for residential units and a once per year service call for commercial units.

At Stryker Electric and Air, our certified technicians understand the need for comprehensive air conditioning services, which include inspections, various forms of testing and thorough maintenance of whole air conditioning units, during scheduled visits.

Why do my smoke detectors chirp?

Your smoke detector may be chirping for one of two reasons:

  • Low Battery
  • Defective unit

In most cases it’s a low battery that causes your detector unit to chirp and in cases like this the solution is as simple as a quick battery replacement. On the other hand, a defective unit will chirp at irregular intervals and this needs the attention of a trained electrician. Our team of experienced technicians, at Stryker Electric and Air, can resolve issues you may be experiencing with your smoke detector anytime 24/7/365.

Can I double tap my electrical panel?

This is not recommended. Double tapped electrical panels are considered a defect and also a serious fire hazard. Double tapping means that a single circuit in your breaker is attached to two separate wires. Circuits are not meant to handle multiple connections and these wires can easily come loose, causing sparks that will lead to fire. For your safety, get one of our expert technicians at Stryker Electric and Air to handle a double tapped circuit in a timely, professional fashion.

I have fuse panels running my electricity. How safe is that?

If your home electrical system relies on a fuse panel, it is most likely unsafe. Electrical systems that uses a fuse panel are undoubtedly old, and older electrical systems suffer from the inability to keep up with modern electrical needs. Let Stryker Electric and Air come in and inspect your home and explore options for a more modern electrical solution.